From inception, R.E.S. has taken initiative to source products in order to relieve the client from the stress of having to outsource any parts that they may need. R.E.S. covers the entire sourcing process from finding the right suppliers to transferring the design specifications; we also setup the right supply chain to ensure shipment is met.

R.E.S. is not only passionate about servicing our clients, with respect to adjusting and implementing new forms of craftsmanship in order to repair equipment, we are also very adamant on sales. R.E.S. provides parts and components for any type of equipment that the client may need; Compressors for example. We source these equipment/parts and deliver to the client on time. Accuracy and punctuality is the main view of R.E.S. providers when it comes to the sales aspect of the job. R.E.S. is both financially and physically inclined to deliver and meet the client’s expectations. Ideally this is the motivation and driving factor to R.E.S.’ success, that is, to ensure that client’s satisfaction at all cost.


R.E.S. continuously harvests relationships with manufacturers and traders by taking the time to meet with these companies and tour their facilities. R.E.S. supplies and stocks almost any item needed by their customers. We stock a lot of items even though we do not have the local agent agreement. Some products that can be supplied by R.E.S. are as follows:

KELTEC Technolab was founded in 1982 by Ed Kaiser, Sr., formerly an engineer of the Air Maze Corporation for over 20 years. With initial production of air-oil separators, KELTEC Technolab eventually added air-intake filters, oil filters, coalescing filters and synthetic compressor lubricants. KELTEC acquired Technolab (a former division of Flair Corporation), another air-oil separator manufacturer making the new KELTEC Technolab the largest manufacturer and supplier of air-oil separators in North America.

Today, KELTEC Technolab provides their products as original equipment to most of the major manufacturers of air compressors in North America.Type your paragraph here.

Family-owned since 1992, Isel proudly celebrates more than 20 years of excellent customer service.

Isel was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1992 as a manufacturer of industrial lubricants specializing in private-label, high-technology, tailored products for industrial applications. The business was designed from the ground up to formulate new products to meet our customers’ real-world needs, and to provide a complete and reliable technical resource for all of our customers.

Within our first decade of operation, we quickly expanded beyond our initial product line of air compressor and refrigeration lubricants. We now offer solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications to a growing international market of distributors.Type your paragraph here.

Elgi Equipments Limited is a leading air compressor manufacturer with a broad line of innovative and technologically superior compressed air systems. ELGi has earned worldwide distinction for designing sustainable solutions that help companies achieve their productivity goals and keep the cost of ownership low.

ELGi offers a complete range of compressed air solutions from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors, to dryers, filters and downstream accessories.

The company’s portfolio of over 400 products has found wide application across industries. Whether it is the paint on your wall, the car you drive, the medicines you take or the leather bag you carry, ELGi products have been used either in their production, maintenance or usage.